When you have a headache: what do you do

United States
November 21, 2008 8:42pm CST
When you have a headache what do you do ? DO you take tylenol, advil, aspirin, alieve..What is your pain reliever of choice? Do you get severe migrane headaches or minor headaches that quickly disappear.
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@sunny0806 (248)
• China
11 Dec 08
A good rest is very important. More water and 2 tablets aspirin are need.
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• United States
3 Jan 09
I think everyone will agree that nothing helps headache pain like an aspirin. I think the saying is.. "take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning";)
• India
22 Nov 08
Hi friend, I simply drink water as much as i can other wise some times i take a cup of coffee too.I usually get headache rarely.If i get, i do the above things,it all depends upon my interest at that time.I generally not prefer medicine as it is not good to take them frequently.If it is really out of control i will prefer them otherwise i will be far from them. Have a nice day
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• United States
3 Jan 09
wow, I never heard of drinking water for a headached.. I will have to try that..Why do you suppose drinking water helps a headache?