starting work or continute school?

November 21, 2008 8:46pm CST
may be this is an old discussion,but it coming to me.How to choose?going out and starting work,or studying hard and getting higher degree?more and more companys need society exercience ,start work may increase it, degree is important too,but it's need more time to getting a higher,,friends,how do you think?how to chooose if it happened to you?
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@Llonorra22 (1150)
• Philippines
24 Nov 08
I will study again to have the degree that I always wanted.As I've noticed, a lot of job opportunities require a degree holder (even online jobs sometimes)that's why I prefer to do it. Godspeed...
@geetnx (51)
• Kuwait
22 Nov 08
it depends on what you want to be. if you want to be a nurse or a doctor,then you better start your education. if you want to be an entrepreneur,you can study and work at the same time. if your family is financially well off, then its better for you to finish school. it can also depend in your interest to finish your studies.there's no use going to school if you dont know what kind of work to go into its only wasting money.
• United States
22 Nov 08
I think that people should do what makes them comfortable. Sometimes the people aren't ready to go to college, sometimes they aren't ready for the responsibility of having a job. I wasn't ready for school so I started working.
@pzygtt (193)
• China
22 Nov 08
Yes,actually,society experence and high degree is equally important. In my opinion,I prefer starting work to getting higher degree.Because when you get into the society and start work,you can accumulate more work experience,and you will find a lot of things we studied in university are out of date and useless. Besides,if you choose to get a higher degree,after you graduate,you will find it much hard to find a good job,after all,the employment competition will be more and more voilent. That's just my personal view.For reference only. Thanks!Good luck! All the best to you all!