lactating baby

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November 21, 2008 9:32pm CST ok the other day my mom asked why my daughter had little "bumps" (breast) i was unsure but when she went to the dr she said it was ok so i dint pay too much attention to it. my daughter i s 3 weeks old as of this past wednesday so i just figured maybe she was gaining weight. (this si my first child so how would i know) well today while giving my daughter a bath i noticed she had a drop of milk on her breast.. it scared me so i looked it up online. says it is normal because the baby has some of my hormones and should go away within a week or so and not to squeeze the milk out or try to because it can cause an infection and also will make her keep producing. but i wonder if it hurts her because i know when my milk first came in they were tender until i pumped. has anyone else experienced this? were u scared?
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