What do you do when people kiss?

@Sheepie (3115)
United States
November 21, 2008 10:00pm CST
In movies or when people kiss on TV, I get kind of embarrassed. I don't know if I should be staring or not. Sometimes I get up to eat, especially if it's a long one. I don't know what to do, especially if other people are near me. I just find it really awkward. It really doesn't help when people do it in real life, either, it would be nice if some people would have the courtesy to do it out of the way. I have no problem if they do it in public, fine, but if I am practically in the middle of it and I have to look at the floor just so I don't have to stare, it's rude!I think once in school this girl made out with her boyfriend right smack in front of me just because she's always been a snob to me and she thinks I really care that the two ugliest people on earth are now using each other to cover their faces. Don't get me wrong, I'll be very polite to the homeliest of people, but when they're rude to me for no reason, I don't hold back!Now, I digress. I hate watching any people kiss at all, if I can help it. I think it's just that people don't seem to understand that it's not so pleasurable when you're not involved. I thought it was obvious, but no. I'll tell you what, though. If/when I get a boyfriend when I'm still in school, I'm going to do the exact same thing to everybody.
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@Anne18 (11034)
26 Nov 08
Go ahhhh, isn't that so sweet
@guybrush (4660)
• Australia
26 Nov 08
I agree with you, Sheepie - I get embarrassed too if there's stuff like that happening on the screen and I'm in a room with other people. When in public, a peck on the cheek is fine between couples, but other than that, it can make the people watching on feel very uncomfortable.
@sona22 (1431)
• India
22 Nov 08
I also feel embarrassing when a love seen running on TV and I a watching that movie with others fellows of my house, specially the child. When people making love publicly I feel uneasy.
22 Nov 08
Hi Sheepie, I agree with you girl, as I hate seeing people kissing in front of me and I usually tap them on the shoulder and say to them that I really don't want to watch but could you kindly get a room? they looked at me in surprise, yes even on TV, I always think why do they have to eat each other faces, can't they just leave it to the imagination of the audience? yes I do agree with you. Tamara
@annjilena (5620)
• United States
22 Nov 08
well get use to it this how some young and older people do they kiss their mate in public my mate even kiss me in public...some times he just want to show affection in public.sorry if you feel this is rude.happy mylotting
@redhotpogo (4427)
• United States
22 Nov 08
i look away. its no that they're kissing that bothers me, its the timing, and the kiss itself. in the movies its just so unrealistic, and so awful. i can't bare to watch it.
• Philippines
22 Nov 08
hehehehe. I find your post funny. I can see you're very young sheepie. A smack is alright even in public in my opinion. It's a sign of affection. I would often tease my boyfriend to kiss me in public (the smack on the lips kiss) but I don't really mean it. I just love to tease because he gets embarrass whenever I do that. He doesnt like doing it in public. He would kiss my hair occasionally in public and a smack on the lips when we part ways.