Do you believe in Superstitions?

November 21, 2008 11:54pm CST
Many older, bette-known beliefs are rooted in reason. In ancient times, salt was expensive so spilling it was really bad luck. They said the superstitions are meant to make the future look brighter, not worse. Usually there is a special trick to counteract and bad omens. For me, I don't believe in Superstitions, its just an unreasoning upheld by faith in magic or chance.. Do you believe in this belief?
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• Thailand
22 Nov 08
I don't know anyone who does not harbor some superstitious beliefs. Walking under ladders, black cats, the number 13 and all the rest, we all, deep down, harbor some of them. The simple belief in good luck and bad luck is superstitious. Superstitions are a part of our culture and we all have some beliefs that could fit the category.
@eiram25 (1077)
• Philippines
22 Nov 08
i only believe in some superstitions but not all.i know other people may not adhere to such beliefs but i think it's alright to follow some of them just as long as it's not distracting or making any hindrances in living your daily life.anywayz,there's nothing to lose if one follows's just my opinion only. happy mylotting!
@pzygtt (193)
• China
22 Nov 08
No,I don't believe in superstitions,either. Because I think that's really very ridiculous and ignorant. Nowadays,in our country,especially in rural areas,many people still believe in them,including my grandfather. But I think,there will be less and less people believing in with the development of science and their having more education. Thanks!All the best to you all!
@veejay19 (3590)
• India
22 Nov 08
No, i don`t believe in superstitions and blind beliefs.Most superstitions have evolved from our ancient ancestors who lived in caves and forests. They lived close to nature and were very much influenced by it as it impacted greatly in their everyday life. They could not understand nature and were awestruck when the forces of nature like thunder,lightning,fire,hailstorms,rain,etc werereleased. They formed imaginary images of gods and demons who were out there in the sky to punish them for their misdemeanors and wrongdoings.They started worshipping nature and this is how pagan worship started which throughout the ages evolved into religion.Superstitions were a byproduct of the pagan worship and remained ensconsed in human memory as a means to avoid getting into the wrong side of the pagan gods. Even today in our modern society many well educated and intelligent people still subscribe to superstitionin many forms which has become a habit with them.As you have said some superstitions do have some sound reason behind it but most people do not know what it is. They just blindly follow it because their elders have been doing it for ages.