Let There Be Hunger

November 22, 2008 6:27am CST
If there is hunger There will be no loaves of bread, no poverty There will be love, only love There will be you and all, everyone else There will be everyone else hungry There will be you free, free from fear Free from fear of freedom, you will be free of God And you will be crying for the dying moon The dying moon will be shining high in hunger of passion When you will be one and all There will be uprising of the hungry souls No one else will ever be dying of violence of the breath There will be peace of mind, no more sufferings There will be no more violence of the surpassing pains There will be hunger for all in no more loss in no more gains And no one will ever be hungry dying of more hunger Let there be hunger You will be hungry of no food, hungry of passion All hungry souls will be out of breath Out of breath of passion, passion dying for life and death Life will be as good as death, death will be as good as passion Hunger will be life for death, a way ending in mission.
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