What are the factors that let you watch Supernatural?

November 22, 2008 7:38am CST
when I first het to watch this: I was attracted by the lead actors intriguing as to where there father is why do they have powers? Sam sees visions. What about you? What made you keep on watching this?
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• United States
23 Nov 08
I, like you, did not start watching "Supernatural" when it first started. I have a bad habit of ignoring shows until I am drawn in by watching them with someone else, usually my son. My son was the one who drew me into watching "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer". He was 10 years old when it started and wanted to watch because he liked Sarah Michelle Geller. I left him to watch this show while my daughters and I did something else. I had seen the movie, hated it and didn't want to try the show out. However, fast forward to season 6 when my son was around 17. He wanted to tape the show for a friend of his who couldn't get UPN. He said it was a "special musical show" and that it lasted longer than an hour. It would only run one time. I told him to go ahead and record it and sat watching it. Once I saw Nick Brendon and James Marsters, I was hooked. But other than how good looking they were, I loved the creativity of the show. Now that they are gone, I still watch my dvd's, write and read fanfiction and make videos. Truly hooked on both Buffy and Angel. My son knows that I am a sci-fi lover like himself. When Supernatural began, he told me about it but I didn't want to get hooked on another show only to have it canceled or go off the air. He kept talking about it until I joined him in watching it as well. I was surprised to see Jensen Ackles on this show (I had watched him when he played Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives). I love Jensen and liked Jarrod, so I kept watching and again, now I am hooked. I have to have every season of Supernatural when they come (getting 3rd Season for Christmas) and my son and I watch it together every week. What keeps me watching is not only the fact that my son and I enjoy the hour together, discussing the show, laughing at something they did or said, etc. but I love the creativity of it as well. It is so hard to find a show that keeps you on your toes from week to week, never knowing what is going to happen and being totally unpredictable. With all the reality television or "I know exactly what's going to end up happening here" moments when watching other shows, Supernatural is a refreshing and different show. I don't always agree with the way they portray heaven and hell, especially here lately, but the show keeps me guessing, they boys are pretty, the writing is tight and well written and with all of that going for it, I can't stop watching.
• Trinidad And Tobago
22 Nov 08
perhaps you meant "When I first started to", or "when I first began to watch this" either way 'het' is not the word you want here. Also you meant you were 'intrigued' as to where 'their father was'. In the premiere we didn't know that Sam had visions and Dean doesn't have a power so I assume you don't mean this is what drew you in from the first episode.
• Philippines
22 Nov 08
Yeah, I meant to type in started to watch. Maybe I was nto able to see my mistakes as I was browsing into different sites when I was writing. Erratum: het - started but I do mean "intriguing". it is an independent phrase that could describe what the writer meant. If I make it a complete sentence, it would be "The series was intriguing to me as where there father is." When I was able to watch Supernatural, I was already in the middle of the season where Sam already discovered that he has visions. These made me want to watch the whole season starting from the start.
• Philippines
22 Nov 08
i meant an independent clause so if it will be a complete sentence "The series was kind of intriguing to me as to where their father is."
@dsrp82 (678)
• Brazil
17 Jul 10
Horror + Jensen Ackles = perfection!
@secretbear (19463)
• Philippines
18 May 09
hello onlyvic! i got attracted to the show because of its name. i like shows that features the paranormal, magic, and legends and Supernatural have all these. i have been watching shows like it such as Buffy, Charmed, etc. after seeing the first episode of Supernatural, i got even more interested with the show because Dean is so handsome, LOL and the story that they hunt supernatural beings just excited me. and back then i was curious on where their father are and what is he doing. i couldn't watch the show regularly then because of work but i watch it whenever i can. and there came a point that i couldn't be satisfied without seeing the episodes that i missed so i bought the dvd. ^^;; i bought the dvd for season 1-2 and for the first half of season 3. after that, i couldn't be satisfied with waiting for the dvd so i started downloading the latest episodes in the internet and burning them on my own dvds. ^^
• Malaysia
21 Feb 09
it because they can make jokes even when they were serious.other factor maybe because of i like the music played on this series.
@ayenacsi (911)
• Philippines
16 Jan 09
Here when they started showing teasers of the show I was really looking forward to its pilot episode. Thereafter I was always looking forward to watching the coming episodes, each episode got better and better, I knew I was hooked. They are on their fourth season now and I am still watching it. To answer your question, I keep watching it because of the storyline, the great actors, the subtle humor and the occasional scare.