are you crazy about prison break?

@clarkmy (428)
November 22, 2008 7:40am CST
it was one of my shoolmates who recommended the hot series to me a long time ago,however,i began to fall in love with it and couldn't resist the temp ittation of watching the updated is my first time to get the idea that the director takes the film according to the audience's suggestion ,wow,,it is so attractive ,now.Fox has released prison break season4 in which doctor sara's revival is a lightspot although her showing up is a little unreasonable ,i am aslo gald to see her again ,no doubt i like the actress, i am looking forwardto the renewed episode ever tuesday online ,are you the same with me ? are you aslo crazy about it?
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@chiwasaki (4669)
• Philippines
27 Sep 11
I love prison break and I think it is one of the best series ever created. The story is exciting and full of suspense. I can't stop watching this series. I think they should create more series like this.
• Philippines
29 Dec 08
Yes,I am into it.After I have watched season 1, I continue to admire the story. It really is fun to think and plan about risking everything.
• Argentina
23 Nov 08
When i saw 24 i thought, how much time will pass till there is a show as amazing as this one? Then Lost came and i thought Well that was fast but now there won't be another one for a very long time and Prison Break appeared. About Sarah i have to disagree, it's not unreasonable, did you see the head? if you see a head in a box would you stare at it or would you glance at it? Lincoln saw blood, opened the box and there was a woman's head inside why would he think it was someone else?.