have you ever been blamed for something you didn't do??

@orevro (715)
November 22, 2008 8:46am CST
It really hurts when someone you love accuse you for something that you didn't do. It's a stab in the back.. sometimes i feel that it's better if i did what they thought i did do, at least i'll be guilty for the right reasons...
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• United States
22 Nov 08
yes it hurts, my lil sister used to blame stuff on me all the time and i stayed in trouble. and it caused me to have a bad rlationship with my mom because she alwasy took my sisters side. now i teach my daughter to be honest and it aint nice to et other people in trouble
@orevro (715)
• Philippines
22 Nov 08
i remember when i was in high school, i joined the cheerleading squad and we used to practice during the night since we had a hectic class schedule during the day.. i would always go home late and my dad would be suspicious of me.. i haven't done anything to make him lose his trust on me.. My mom would even fetch me to the place where we're practicing.. It really hurts when you know you're not doing anything wrong but people you love think you do..
@besthope44 (12135)
• India
3 Oct 10
Well its easy to blame and hurt the loved ones at few seconds with a few words, but the pain takes years to heal..that is really stressful.
• United States
23 Nov 08
I have been going through that recently with my best friend.Her boyfriend called me one night wondering where she was because God forbid he not know every second of the day.She had just dropped me off at home and I told him to give her a few minutes to get home.I have been a friend to this man while she has been with him,we have a common interest in computers and I give him parts he may need or he has helped me with a problem I might be having in building a computer.This night he starts whining about how my friend treats him,right down to weather she gives him enough in the bedroom or not.Not that I wanted to hear any of this but I got angry because I know the things he was saying were lies,accept the bedroom part,I don't ask and she doesn't tell me those things they are too personal.I stuck up for her and told him I didn't believe the things he was saying that I knew her better then that.In the end he asked me not to tell her about the conversation.The next day I told her he called looking for her and was laughing with her about how he doesn't let her breath and needs to know where she is at all times.She asked me what else he said,had she not asked I may not have told her,but she did and I wasn't going to lie to her.So I told her the conversation.Of course she was angry and was yelling at him,he again told a pack of lies that I was questioning him and provoked him into saying things he wouldn't have said.In the end she believed me over him because she knows he lies but at first she was mad at me.I feel she should have known me better right from the start and not have been angry with me and expecting me to defend myself.I did though I made her get him over her house and told him to his face he was a liar.He back peddled,lied som more and manipulated until she gave up.Guess what she is still with him,I don't understand that he lied about her and then lied about me and lied some more.Why would anyone stay with someone they can't trust?They don't have any kids together her children are all fully grownI say dump him and move on.