big phone bills

November 22, 2008 9:22am CST
It was an alarming number. The amount in my phone bill was definitely disturbing. I could have spent the payment in more necessary stuff, like an extra mobile phone perhaps? Yeah, 'twas that big. In attempts to at least keep my sweat-and-blood intact, my phone and credit card bills are forwarded to mom for monitoring purposes. Still, all in vain. And even if I was scolded every month (yes, still), the scolding ain't concerning me until this last phone bill. Maybe that's the problem with appealing payslips - you gain much, you lose way much! Or maybe, there was nothing else sensible I can think of to spend the dosh besides rent and other basic stuff. The trouble with not having an end point to it is having shots of other points 'til it vanishes in a snap. I was out of control. Way out of control. The heck. Nearly had a tear upon seeing the numbers. Was I merely loving, or was I loving too much?
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