be happy in our life dont get unhappy

November 22, 2008 11:52pm CST
hai ,i konw that happeness play an important role in day to day life so its need to be happy in our world and make other happy bringing happyness in other life is a great work and devinie to god they blessed us with lot of happyness bring happyness throght out the wrold
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• Pakistan
3 Dec 08
Happiness is a evidence of GOD we should spread it all over the world lets start it from our family, friends and then others. i think every sadness is a news of up coming happiness so when you are sad never think that its your bad luck or so. it means a great pleasure is coming soon to you. have a nice day. be happy and keep happy others take care
@sktekweb (277)
• India
23 Nov 08
This topic matched my mind with you dear AmitVishnu.Be happy.Do good.Never try to be a fraud.Luck will support you.Never laugh at others.Never tease or hurt others if you do not want to weaken your opportunities in future.Welcome as my friend.
• Philippines
23 Nov 08
yes, happiness do play an important role. but, we can never refrain from unhappiness. this unhappiness happens to let us see that those happy times we had are really worth living. Happy mylotting, Just smile and be happy!