Free Internet Marketing Giveaway

November 23, 2008 6:22am CST
I know we have many people on mylot who want to earn money online. But how many of you have found decent money making opportunities online (unlike mylot of course) What really good ways of making money online have you found? Tell us your experiences. I've been working online now for just over twelve months and am just starting to make a worthwhile amount (around $100 per month now). Of course, once you can crack those amounts you know you can make a LOT more. Anyway, I found a fantastic giveaway site with heaps of good products that you can get completely free of charge that will help with basically any online endeavours. The best thing is that it's different to the usual giveaways, none of this stuff has been seen before. This stuff is ALL new. I downloaded a great little report called 'Simple SEO' that cuts through the mysteries of search engine optimization and tells you step by step in no nonsense terms how to get a website ranking well and getting lots of free traffic from search engines. I used the info on one of my sites and must have done it just before google re-indexed because within a couple of days my traffic increased by over 50% (the site generally gets re-indexed every couple of weeks). Anyway, you can find the giveaway at
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