Why Shoul I Come?

November 23, 2008 6:31am CST
Why should I come? Why should I go When the staring eyes fall before my death Like the shadows of such envy When the twangs of the bow please me all the while Why should I fiddle at the right end Why should I burst in a bubble of astral moments? I am buried dead inside my skull As I long for the stretch of an ancient time The shroud of mysteries never unfurls To melt the fire of stone in a spell of hot gospel Why should the sacred truth never ever be told Why should the complexion ever be void in oyester of gold? Why all on a sudden it ends in a submission When the life line tends to strech far beyond the breath When the end of the journey seems far too farther I keep shouting for nothing as if like a little growling wolf Still farther is yet to go even before lasting moments But I cannot leave the shrouding veil of pains of torments. Yet still I tend to come and still I tend to go Even I cannot understand why should I came and why should I go.
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