christ the king

@cathya (704)
November 23, 2008 7:27pm CST
The Feast of Christ the King reminds us that CHRIST IS THE KING OF ALL KINGS. Yesterday as I watched Sunday TV Mass, I was very happy and enlightened at the same hearing the Homily of the Priest. According to him, Jesus Christ showed the world how to be a good SERVANT LEADER. That being a leader one must remember and follow the CORPORAL WORKS OF MERCY: 1. Feed the hungry. 2. Clothe the naked. 3. Visit the sick. 4. Give Drink to the thirsty 5. Shelter the homeless 6. Visit those in prison 7. Bury the dead He added that leaders should LIT the nation. LEAD, INSPIRE & TRANSFORM his countrymen. The challenge to us FILIPINOS specially now that Election is fast approaching, are we going to elect again leaders WHO JUST WANT TO SERVE THEMSELVES? or are we going to elect leaders WHO WILL really LEAD US, INSPIRE US AND TRANSFORM US? Better think now my countrymen, better things will get into worst.
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