What is happening at Dingobux - Do you think this is possible?

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@smilyn (2964)
United States
November 24, 2008 12:08am CST
I just read an update newsletter from Dingobux.com. It said "Unfortunately while being on my 12 day vacation I have noticed alot of issues with payouts, orders not going through and several other issues. One of our admins came up missing and I have no idea where he has gone." I was really surprised to read this..One of the admins is missing and the otehrs do not know where he has gone...Do you think this is possible? Do you belive this? Is Dingobux turning to be a scam?
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@zandi458 (27951)
• Malaysia
24 Nov 08
that is a warning something is not right somewhere. They can put a lot of excuses when they have got what they wanted. It is most likely that they are going down the drain too. So be warned. Do not invest in their upgrade or buy referrals yet unless until they have proven to be a paying site.
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@smilyn (2964)
• United States
27 Nov 08
yes, I always trust sites that does not give excuses..It is better to stay away from these sites.
• China
25 Nov 08
I think it is possible as the admin maybe not in the same place. But I believe it is not real and i think it means the site would down and leave it plz
@Jody20 (887)
• Netherlands
24 Nov 08
I read this newsletter form Dingobux too and find it very strange. I don't know what to think of it. The only thing we can do is wait and see what's going to happen. If things go wrong they can blame it on the missing admin LOL.
@mokbul (616)
• Singapore
24 Nov 08
It is likely that dingobux following suit like many other bux sites and turning into a scam site.
@asper79 (20)
• Bangladesh
24 Nov 08
It is better to stay away.