Sleep with my kitten

Luoyang, China
November 24, 2008 12:39am CST
I like sleeping with my kitten.It is very good experience.I think it is a good way to keep us close. In the evening,when I want to go to sleep,I always take my kitten and it is also very happy.With her sleeping beside me,I feel good.
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@whatrow (792)
• United States
9 Nov 11
Two of my cats jump into my bed as soon as they see me getting ready. I love the closeness, but sometimes it gets to be too much. First, they are putting their full weight on my chest, which makes breathing difficult. Also, they put a paw directly on top of my windpipe. This is dangerous. Now, one of my cats has developed the habit of "getting in my face". I mean that literally. She rubs her face all over my face and licks me on both sides, and on my chin, and even my nose. I have to try to discourage them by squirtting them with water. But, a few minutes later they are back.
• Malaysia
24 Nov 08
aww that's so cute! when i had a cat few years ago i loved to sleep with it too, and waking up knowing that he's beside me or snuggling at my feet!
@zalilame (880)
• Malaysia
24 Nov 08
I also like that. The warmth of them curling beside me makes me feel comfier and cosy. But for pregnant mother, I read that cat's fur can cause serious infection or disease to the baby in the womb. So better stay far.