missile rockets?

November 24, 2008 12:46am CST
hi friends.i am totally against war weapons like missile rockets.what the need for them?if its a mean to fight terrorism,make sure no weapons were made and announce death sentence to anyone who makes or buy or use such weapons.if its a mean to take over other countries,then there is no need for all those treaties and organisations.the only one use of weapons is to fight dangers from outside.recently saw a video where such missiles were used to stop or change the direction of approaching large celestial bodies.whats your take on this?
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• India
24 Nov 08
If you were made the head of your country, wont you protect your borders? I am not saying the rockets should be used , but if an enemy country knows that you have missile rockets as deterrents, they will never retaliate. We all have a right to safe borders.
• India
24 Nov 08
i was thinking more along destroying all existing weapons and kill everyone who tries to even make weapons anymore.i know...not realistic.but if there is no weapon now and nothing will be avilable in the future,how they r going to fight?barehands?not worth it.when u have no enemy,u dont need protection
@goopss (140)
• Gibraltar
29 Nov 08
ha ha .. its seem to be realy a good idea... but the weapons are made to meet the emegencies,i.e in case the country overcome any treaties...