In, Out, or In Between?

November 24, 2008 11:55am CST
when it comes to being a true christian, are you in fully? are you out? or are you in between? Have you ever thought of the consecuenses of your desicion today, if your in fully, well, I guess that means that if you died you wouldnt have to worry because you are going to heaven. If your out , well think about it, whats gonna happen to your soul, and if you just dont belive, well whats not to believe, there is proof and evidence everywhere. finaly if your in between, what do you think happens to you? do you go to heaven, hell? do you you stay in between? just a simple observation, think about it, maybe you already have an answer.
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@dark_joev (3042)
• United States
30 Nov 08
I am out I have left christianity behind a long time ago and well I haven't looked back sence I follow my own spiritual path that I find to bring warmth to my heart and soul so I am perfectly find. I am going to go to Nirvana when I die which I guess you would say is something like heaven.
• Mexico
1 Dec 08
people dont go to Nirvana they find it, and that is when their third eye opens, I hope you know this, if not, you are one sad little person. I know this because I took a class on religions, so I know my stuff.
1 Dec 08
I am in between, since I had been fed up of the religion where I used to be when I only a kid till on my early teens. That was just too much to about christianity, I do believe in heaven or hell, it's just at the moment I can't be bothered to be a true christian or not, so I better stay in between. I just had enough with religions or talking about christianity at the moment.