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November 24, 2008 2:29pm CST
This article is for us all to brush up on our everyday habits, I for one need all the help I can get not to slip up in public or even when visiting family. I don't think it will hurt anyone to read this. Good Everyday Etiquette To Remember How good are your manners? Most of us know the basics of good etiquette, but it’s surprising just how many people don’t pay attention to good old-fashioned rules of etiquette. Here is a small refresher about some social do’s and don’ts: What was that you said? If you do not hear something someone said, the proper response is to either say “Excuse me, I did not hear you,” or “Pardon me, I did not hear you”. It’s unfortunate, but a lot of people have the bad habit of saying “What?” or “Huh?” Should you eat that with your fingers? You may be surprised to learn that there are several foods you can eat with your fingers in public. Artichokes can be eaten with fingers, but once you get to the heart and base, you should use a fork and knife. Asparagus, if it’s not soggy or sauced, can be eaten with your fingers. Still, the most accepted way of eating it is with a fork and knife. Bacon, if very crisp and not greasy, can be eaten with your fingers. French fries and fried chicken are actually meant to be eaten with your fingers. If your fries are covered with ketchup or are soggy, the rule is to eat them with a fork. If your chicken is soft and/or greasy, again, use a fork and knife if you are in a nice restaurant. And finally, when it comes to fruit, if the fruit is on a stem (like cherries or grapes), you can use your fingers. However if you’re eating berries, use a spoon. Manners at the table When you are sitting at a table, you should always put your napkin in your lap, not on the table at any time. Elbows should be kept off of the table, and you should try to sit up straight, rather than hunch over your place setting. Women should never blot lipstick on cloth napkins. In fact, blot your lipstick on a tissue so as to not leave lipstick blotches on the glasses. Never lick your fingers at the table. If you have to burp, leave the table, and by no means should you ever blow your nose at the table – ever. Simple manners are easy to remember. These are some of the easiest tips to remember. The hard part? Putting them all into practice. Good luck! 24 Nov, 2008 |Kate Leighton Share
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