Do u hv restriction on watching television??

November 24, 2008 2:38pm CST
i remember my childhood days when i was restricted to certain channel nd fixed timmings...!!! but nw its different i cn watch tv whole what abt u guys??
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• India
25 Nov 08
In childhood when i was studying in 8th class then i was restricted to watch some channel. but now i am young . today i have no restriction for television . I prefer news and some adventure movie. some times i watch television full day .
@teka44 (3421)
• Brazil
24 Nov 08
Hi dark, you are right. Now we can do anything we want LOL. But I can't watch TV the whole day because I need to work . Have a nice day.
@kkthom3 (279)
• United States
24 Nov 08
When I was a kid my parents never had to restrict me from watching any certain channel mainly because all I was ever interested in watching was cartoons, but we did have time limits. We were onlu allowed to watch tv for two hours a day during the summer. Since I have a brother and sister we used to cheat and say that I wasn't watching tv, my sister was. and then we would extend our tv time. Now that I am an adult I usually spend several hours a day watching tv and I watch whatever channels I want but I usually end up channel surfing more often than not.
@bubblyapple (2654)
• Philippines
24 Nov 08
When I was young, we were not allowed to watch television during school days. So most of the time, we watch television during the weekends. And of course, what we watch was also being monitored. Back then, I don't like that idea very much. But now, I realized how much it shaped my study and watching habits. I prefer reading books than watching something on television to pass time. I believe this is more advantageous for me. I learn more. Plus television nowadays are so full of reality-TV that you're not even sure if they are real!