Do you blog?

@samijo719 (1054)
United States
November 24, 2008 5:01pm CST
Do you keep an online blog? IF so,what blogging site do you use? I have used livejournal for about 4 years, I like that you can set your entries to only friends and even make post to just certain people on your friends. But I'm looking for other blog sites that I may enjoy more. Livejournal seems to kind have died a little bit. What do you recommed?
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• United Kingdom
25 Nov 08
I have a couple of blogs that I keep and they are both free. I use and They are both very good I think. As I have an interest in computers I thought that I would start a computer maintenance blog, I still have no blog followers as yet! My other blog is on and that one is mainly about my life, my interests and so forth. You should check these two sites out. Good luck with your blogging. Andrew
@toddsarm (766)
• Canada
25 Nov 08
I have used livejournal and all so
@SultanaH (80)
• Hungary
24 Nov 08
If you want free blogging platform, I would recommend I personally like because they are user friendly also you have so many templates to choose from. I've been using it for 4-5 years now, and still using. And oh, you can make your blog private for the eyes of certain people whom you personally invite only. I have paid hosting blogs too, where I use wordpress, that comes with the hosting. A little bit of a hassle now and then when you need to upgrade it yourself, but I like it.
• United States
24 Nov 08
I actually dont blog too much. I post an occasional one on my MySpace but other than that, no. But Ive actually wanted to start a blog or keep a journal but hate my ramblings. What format do you keep your personal journals?