we all have family or friends and they make us wonder are they stuipd or what?

United States
November 24, 2008 8:26pm CST
ok we all know someone like this, somethings they come up with is like really stuipd. lord know i know many like this. what are some of the most dumbest things people ever said to you? i'll share some with you all my cousin told me once, a car that has two doors are faster then ones with four doors . no kidding and he said cars with more then one tail pipes are really fast. yeah no idea.. the other day a friend told me when you get email just sitting in the in box they really go into your memory of your computer.. lol. so i asked him, how can you check your email at other places beside your own house? his reply was if he would say come to my house and check his email my computer reads his computer at his house.. ok i about died laughing at this one.. so what are some of your's ?
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