Are Makemybux and Clickmybux a scam?

@jedimind (200)
November 24, 2008 9:59pm CST
i'm just wondering if any of you are in the two sites mentioned. i am a free member there and i actually reached payout 3 months ago. up till now, i have not received my payout yet. i tried to use their support system, only to find out that it was unavailable. i then tried to contact the administrator using the email that was provided, only to receive an automated response that told me it was down and i should use the forum. i made a post in the forum asking about why i hadn't been paid for the past 3 months. the moderators suggested i private message the admin about my situation, and closed my forum thread. i did as told and asked the admin. i messaged the admin my the two sites that hasn't paid me and the details. he gave a redundant answer like "are you referring to payout". and now when i try to reply, it just says him pm box is full. it's been 5 days and it's still full. anyone know whether these sites are scams?
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25 Nov 08
It truly sounds like he is attempting to ignore you.. I would say it sounds like a scam and try to let everyone know in a respectful manner.