suicide in love....

November 25, 2008 3:29am CST
A few days back a grl i was accquainted with committed suicide just bcz her bf cud not marry her. They wer into a live in relationship for 6 years...n then this man had to marry some1 else bcz of family pressures...dat girl cud not bear it n killed herself. She is no more & the guy has no problems. IS IT RIGHT TO KILL URSELF BCZ OF SM1 ELSE ? SHUD U LUV SM1 SO MUCH ? WHOSE FAULT IS IT ? THE GRL'S FOR LOVIN HIM SO MCH ? OR THE GUY'S FOR WTEVER HE DID ?
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• United Kingdom
28 Aug 10
Relationships can lead to a great emotional turmoil if the victim is not head strong.Failed relationships,rejections can have detrimental effects on the confidence of an individual and can leave him/her shattered.Its important that at such a time,there are well wishers around who help the person come out of it.After all,life is precious and its never worth sacrificing it for someone else especially one who doesn't deserve it.
@SeishiroX (1075)
• Philippines
25 Nov 08
A relationship is always a two-way affair... both parties are always at fault. There's always an underlying reason why this party acted this way and that... you can't say that the guy has no problems. He probably didn't like it as well, as you said he was pressured by his family.