Oh.....MyLot...........Mail A Lot....

November 25, 2008 9:54am CST
Guys, I signed out few minuets ago from MyLot, and wanted to go to bed, for my lower back was killing me. But before I disconnected the ineternet , I open My yahoo mail. And ,you won't believe if I tell you, oh no sure I know you all will believe me, for you all have exactly the same thing that surprised me just now. I had about 45 email from MyLot (read carefully 45 email, not dollars...hikksss....lol). Some were in inbox, some went to the spam. Hey that a lot of email. Guys, I think I just posted about 3 or 4 discusiion yesterday and today. What about you? How many mails you get from MyLot everyday? How do you deal with those mails? Do you, honestly, feel a little annoyed....in some way? Do you mark them as Spam? lol WHy MyLot has to send a notification everytime we have a respond? If senior member post 10 topic, and got 15 responds each, then there will be 200 mails waiting for him/her in his/her email account. Oh...My Lord....that's a Lot.......
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@dieorfly (764)
• Slovak Republic
25 Nov 08
I got only few mails form myLot, I guess it was about 10 mails for all the time I am here. It is because you can choose when myLot send you mail. For example you can choose myLot will notify you every time your friend start discussion, and so one. If you do not want to receive these notification it is easy go to preferences and you can choose there tab "notifications" there is a list of notifications from which you can choose when myLot send you a mail. So if you are annoyed just simply turn them them all and you will got no mail from myLot again.
• Guinea
25 Nov 08
ha...ha...ha...you are right. I did not noteice. stupid me.....lol Now I ll just go to bed ASAP. Discussion is closed
• India
27 Nov 08
ya even i feel so f i dont check my -mails for 2 -3 days i see a lot of my lot emails in my account ., atleast 2-3 mails per day.
@moonight (249)
• United States
26 Nov 08
i don;t get much emails from Mylot that is mostly likely because i do not post much discussion rather i respond. but i think there is a function on mylot to stop sending email when people respond to your discussion so you might want to look into that if you want to stop the email updates
@mkmoney (468)
25 Nov 08
i havent check my mail since i signed up , i think i better check right now!