November 25, 2008 12:13pm CST
r u a mind ruler?...In situations which one do u opt for?mind or heart... For which Do u give importance...Heart or Mind....
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@melvztab (124)
• Philippines
26 Nov 08
It is beter to use the mind than the heart. because if you only use the heart youll end up heart broken because in this world bad person exist. and that bad person can take away your love one. but if you use mind, you can prevent or avoid this matters to happen. youll end up with a happy life.
• India
26 Nov 08
Nice reply friend....Keep rockin..
@LaurenInLA (2271)
• United States
25 Nov 08
As a personality type, I tend to be analytical so I list pros and cons of every important decision that I have to make. As I get older and struggle with the whole what's life really about thing, the more I let my heart rule
@sk66rc (4257)
• United States
25 Nov 08
There's an old saying, "Seduce my mind & you can have my body. Seduce my heart & my soul belongs to you forever!" Take what you will out of it but as far as I'm concerned, I believe sharing heart with another is more important than the mind. 2 people can disagree on something, on intellectual level, but once their heart becomes 1, they're bonded forever.