Oprah's show on child abuse

November 25, 2008 10:39pm CST
I dont know how many of you watch Oprah but about 2 weeks ago (I know we are way behind on the shows here in Australia) I watced a show about child abuse and I cant remember the last time I have cried so much watching it. It was about child abuse and how there are web sides where they teach abusers how to abuse and record the abuse on camera. They had step by step guides and things like that. Very graphic things. There were people there who have been abused people that work on detecting abusers. After watching this I felt sick. How can people do that? this are small inocent kids we are talking about. How can people justify this? How can they belive that they are right and we are wrong? What can we all do to prevent things like that or to stop them?
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