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November 25, 2008 10:47pm CST If understand what this article is saying correctly they are wanting to put microchips in Aids patients to monitor there behavior. Mostly to monitor those who are "sexually aggressive" and willingly effecting people with Aids. Some see it as adherent and an invasion of privacy. I have mixed feelings about it. If there are people who are willingly effecting people with aids, something needs to be done, but i don't think all aids patients should have it, some were just victims of those willingly infecting people. With Aids on the rise, no cure as of yet, something needs to be done to control the outbreak. Whether this will help i don't know, but i think with the right regulations it will help. What do you think?? Is it just an invasion of privacy or do you think it could help cut down on the amount of people being infected??
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26 Nov 08
i think at the MOST they should chip only the people that have knowingly or could possibly infect others in the future (how you could tell i have no idea) but i think its awful to chip everyone!! i mean what about the poor kids that got it from their parents or the spouse from his cheating spouse?? they shouldnt have to be followed!! not to mention how do they plan to follow all these people anyways??
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@rsa101 (24724)
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26 Nov 08
I guess it is. Although it would help a lot of many things for the scientist who would monitor them and their behavior towards it. But, of course no human would want to have them monitored where they are going or what their activities they are in. I think it would be on voluntary basis that they should submit themselves in this kind of endeavor.
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