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November 8, 2006 12:29am CST
BBC, the best carrier of news according to me and, this perception is not now, but since the time we had only radio. If there was a breaking news,on the national or the local channels,my dad insisted on it being autheticated before believing.And BBC was the AUTHENTICATOR (dont know if this word exists) Such was the craze of BBC then. And 15 years later, my views about this channel has become even more positive. The last incident that happened on BBC yesterday night was a documentry film on ’’Children of Beslam’’ All of us are aware of the unfortunate 3 day sad affair that went on in a school in the then beautiful Beslam.For those of you who are more interested, the event happened on Sep1, 2004. We read/saw/heard the news last year and like all other news this too went into the remote parts of our emory. BBC did it.It revived that memory.Infact, according to me it wa the best way of remembrances of the 171 children, and 200+ adults that were killed on that day. Ok let us talk about the documentary. BBC captured some of best moments. Actors--- Surviving children who had been kept on seige and who had seen death close to their eyes.Not for a moment, but FOR 3 DAYS IN SUCCESSION. Script:--The horrifying plot of the terrorists who took on the school children as hostages. Co-actor--Brilliant background music. There was no voice-over used. BBC filmed the children and recorded their experiences AMAZINGLY well. Will give all you guys some of the snippets of the talks of the children..Excuse me BBC but I had to do this and could not help my MSian bereaved of such a good programme. There was guy who went all over the school and explained to the BBC team.. where the terrorists cam from? where they were asked to sit? Atleast 2000 ppl were crammed into a Gym.The child showed the place.. where his dad was killed. One sweet girl. said ’’ I asked my dad, who was stronger? God or terrorists?.My dad replied ’’God’’.She asked then why is God not able to rescue any of us?.My dad had no reply’’ Another girl’s description of the incident-- ’’Since we remained there for 3 days, all of us were thirsty.But the terroists would not give us water.There was a lady terrorist who tried to help me with water, but the leader of the terrorsts saw her and pressed the remote and the lady terrosrist was blown to pieces’’ One more guy’s description--- ’’Th terrorsits asked us to remain quiet, but by nature i am very talkative, so i coud not keep quiet and was whispering.I was thirsty too, and some one had peed in the room nearby and I wetted my lips with that’’ One child said ’’ I was dreaming that Harry Potter will come and he wil make us al linvisible and we will all be saved’’ Another child said ’’ My mom was feeling very weak.I had 5 roubles in my pocket.I asked one of the terrorists to take the 5 rouble and leave my mom.But the terrorist said he dint want my money.He wanted my mom’s life’’ The guy above who confessed that he was very talkative also added that ’’Initially while playing games on my PC, I used to be the terrorist and kill the police/army.This was becuase terrorists had the best weapons.But after this incident, I play armyman/police and kill terrrorist,even though the armymen have less sophisticated weapons. A girl after the incident says’’ She draws terrosrists on her drawing paper and then tears it and then burns it’’This is how I feel relief and feel that I am taking revenge of al my friends that I lost.But there is no end for revenge. So I have to kep doing it for many years till I start feeling good. On asking a boy. ’’Do you believe in God?’’ He said ’’ I dont anymore.I believein the Russian army’’ and ’’will join the army and kill al the terrorists’’ This thing really took me off balance: ’’My friend;s mom walked past and she stamped the pee that was there.One lady shouted there is no water to drink and you are stamping on whatever is available.People were fighting over pee.’’--a child who then lost his mother described this. I could go on and on... but I was really amazed at the way BBC had captured this documentary.People if you can watch it pls do. else I am sure sometime later there will be repeat telecast of this. And believe me there was no voice over.. the children spoke in russian and there was only the subtitles. Friends I am not tryingto reproduce the documentary here,I have just captured what I could and what I liked. This is not only for BBC, but for the children and the parents that lost thier loved ones that day. Thanks very much for reading.
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