a new bie!!what to do!! help!!

November 26, 2008 6:25am CST
hey all! what do i have to do to earn $1 atleast a day!as im new to this and unable to make up!! need suggestions!!
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@zand210 (56)
• United States
26 Nov 08
Yea, making $1 a day on MyLot is indeed possible, it is just not likely that you will be able to. Unless, you refer a bunch of people and in turn they post a lot of comments and start a lot of discussions. Then, maybe, just maybe you will be able to earn about $1 a day. But yea, earning money on MyLot has to do with quality, not quantity. Make your posts at least 4 lines long, and at least 2 paragraphs. With those 2 things in mind, you will be able to start earing maybe $0.20 - $0.40 a day, if you post at least 15 replies and 4 start discussions. Hope this helps.
• India
26 Nov 08
thx a lo tfor the response ...ya i think reference is a very big deal..ill try to post as long discussions as possible ........... well thanx all of you for your responses ... god bless!!! [:)]
@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
5 Dec 08
You just have to spend more time in making quality and detailed response or discussions as well. Make your response as lengthy as possible, that is at least 5 lines and if you can make more of those then I'm sure you'll get what you needed. Try adding photos also in your discussions and this could help you and when you reach 500 posts you can start adding photos in your response already. So, a quality posts will bring you there.
@SangsTurks (1446)
• India
2 Dec 08
Welcome to mylot! I mylot you would have to do quality posting and lots of discussions. I have another data entry site which pays $3.00 per day and the payment is made through Paypal. Payout $20, so calculate in how many days you can make payout!! PM me if intrested.
@maroseqf (3657)
• Philippines
26 Nov 08
Well, $1 is a very high goal. I think you have to exert alot if you want to achieve that. Actually, there is no assurance that you can reach such earning in a day no matter how many posts you made. Noone knows how our earnings are computed here in mylot. What you can do is make your posts more detailed, atleast 4 lines and post quality responses. Goodluck to you!
@owlwings (43482)
• Cambridge, England
26 Nov 08
You will find it almost impossible to make $1 a day from MyLot. Most people here make between $0.20 and $0.40 a day. The way to maximise your earnings is to post quality discussions and responses (make sure that what you post is descriptive, relevant to the discussion and more than a line or two - at least 4 lines and preferably two or more paragraphs is what many recommend. Read and abide by the Guidelines and don't create or respond to discussions that violate them (because they will be deleted and you won't earn a cent!). Post relevant photos (when you are able to) ... and also read the Photo Guidelines to see what is acceptable. If you can, recruit referrals to join under you but make sure that they will also observe the rules and be active on the site. You will also earn 25% of whatever they earn.