do you believe in life after death?

@becnh83 (806)
November 26, 2008 9:44pm CST
I have a friend_who believes in life after death or re-encarnation. She said, once we died our soul will go back to earth but into a new body. The reason why we individual would sometime felt that certain event or we been already into that place..?isn't weird? do you believe in life after death?
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27 Nov 08
I do believe..After all our spirit leaves our body must go somewhere..I believe it goes either to an eternity of happiness or and eternity of sadness ..depending on what we have prepared for ourselves in this life.
27 Nov 08
Hi becnh83, I believe that when go our spirit go to another place and after a time if its our choice we can come back and be reborn, but I think we just go to place where we come from in the first place as we are spirits with physical body so when we die, its our body decays but we still lives and then we go home. Tamara
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