Do you pray for your enemies?

November 27, 2008 6:13am CST
They all say holding grudges against someone will never give you a peace of mind. I have a friend who has been holding a grudge against another friend of mine. they had an encounter four years ago when the other said the other was "patay gutom." The person who said it doesn't really mean it in a bad light and was just making a joke but the other took it in a different way. Time passed and still she vividly remembers what the other said and that particular incident pushed her to extremely save money so when she happen to see my other friend again, she can literally slap his face with money. I advised her to pray so she can let go and finally have the peace of mind. She is now in the process. How about you? Do you pray for your enemies?
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@deedeehall (1144)
• United States
28 Nov 08
grudges hurt every one .they will eat you up inside and hurt the other person as well .let it go so that every one can have peace you dont know what you are missing you could have a wounderful relationship being friends and it will feel so much better thean all that anger.
@alyssa_c (440)
• Philippines
27 Nov 08
It depends on the 'enemy'... I mean, I pray for my exes (we aren't really friends now) and for my friends whom I had misunderstandings with, and family members that I tend to have disagreements with. But for the other enemies that I have, those I don't care about but still meddle in my personal life as if it's their business, no, I don't pray for them. (lol Gosh, I sound so mean!)
@alokn99 (5717)
• India
27 Nov 08
Fortunately, i don't have enemies in the true sense of it. And thinking about it now, i would want to totally disconnect myself from them an not think about them in any way. So that would mean not even praying for them.
@Erssyl (617)
• Philippines
27 Nov 08
I do pray for my enemies.That's what I've learned through the years of my life..I do not want to hold a grudge in my heart because I get sick.When I hear hurting words I just let it pass.Even though they caused me pain and they don't ask forgiveness I still pray positively for them.I do not want to collect enemies.
• New Zealand
27 Nov 08
Usually I don't pray for enimies. Because I don't have faith in prayers. Because if somebody pray to god and god would listen, the physical laws would change to achieve the desired results. Thus the world would be different and the prayer would have never been said. And secondly, I don't want to do those things because I believe in myself. I know I can overtake my enemy by my hard work. I do not want god's or others help to do so . If I do the home work well, I know I will grow bigger than my enemy.