What do i need to make a video for youtube and is it easy to do?

Webcam - Do I need this to make a video online?
@apples99 (6561)
United States
November 28, 2008 9:32pm CST
I have youtube account as I'm sure most of you do but I'm new to the net and youtube and I was wondering what I needed to make a video for youtube I dont have a webcam yet, I need one of those right? and I also need to know how difficult is it to upload a video to youtube and how do I put sound on a youtube video do I need special attachments or what? please I really need to know.
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@munhozmib (3840)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
3 Dec 08
Hello, apples99! To make a YouTube video, you will need not a webcam only. You may get a digital camera, or any camera that can record video. You can use your cellphone, if you have one and if it records video. Then, you will need a data cable, to transfer the video to your computer. After doing it, you will need a video converter. YouTube accepts many formats of video, but I am not sure about which. You need to download a video convert that will convert the video from your cam into a compatible format. Just go to YouTube and you will find the information there. Then you upload the video. You will have to add title and description. After a day or two, perhaps less, your video will be uploaded. It is not hard. But if you don't put a good video, you will not be greatly rated. Respectfully, Munhozmib.