Stress, stress, stress - money & medical

@Virgie60 (556)
United States
November 29, 2008 1:22am CST
Oh boy!! It has been quite a month. My family has been to the ER 5 times. First 14 year old daughter that has Celiac Diseas & Ulcerative Colitis was taken because she had a severe headache and couldn't see properly, then I went with an anxiety attack (can't understand that one), then hubby cut his face on a piece of metal that got lodged in his cheek and is still there, then hubby went the next week and needed stitches in his head, and now this week on Tuesday son (age 19 he also has Ulcerative Colitis) went in with severe pain, couldn't stand, sit, lay, or anything and found out it was a kidney stone. Those are very painful I had one about 22 years ago and can still remember the pain. So it isn't bad enough that we have medical issues (I also recently found out that I have arthritis) but you end up with lots of medical bills that cause you financial stress too. I sometimes feel like someone up there don't like me. I know I shouldn't feel that way. Just really stressed out right now. I try to be thankful that I do have a warm house, family, job, etc. I know that things will work out eventually. Just had to vent a little. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!
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@besthope44 (12141)
• India
3 Oct 10
Well i understand how its painful, never go down..take a challenging look at this life and give a good fight, you have full rights to fight against the stress laid on u.
@Virgie60 (556)
• United States
3 Oct 10
Hi! I have been trying to keep up the good fight but it is very hard & challenging. Daughter was recently admitted to the hospital for an emergency blood transfusion and to start treatment for her Crohns Disease (diagnosis has been changed from Ulcerative Colitis to Crohns). Also son was on medication to treat his Crohns and he had a reaction and ended up with Lupus symptoms so that medication had to be stopped and a new one tried. Still not sure if the new med is working or not. But I still try to keep on kicking & putting up the good fight. Thanks.
@Sir_bobby88 (8242)
• Singapore
29 Nov 08
Well all that i can say is don't stress too much yea , everything will be alright just keep going on and never give up yea Good day in mylot yea .