How To Keep Conversation With A Women Going?

November 29, 2008 1:57am CST
I think one should be greatly talented to get instantly chat up with any women you want.I have noticed that some men find it easy to talk with a women and some dont!Starting a chat is quite ok, but how to keep it going on for hours!SO what is the right right way to start and keep the conversation interesting?
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@ralphido (843)
• India
29 Nov 08
well if you were a woman i would've shown you...
• Ukraine
30 Nov 08
hey........everybody can tell ican show that ,show this ye,yo.I just asked u ur opinion or few tips abt that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• Ukraine
30 Nov 08
write me what you r actually doing in those situations?
• Ireland
1 Dec 08
i consider myself quite outspoken with everyone and so i find it relatively easy to talk to women afterall rejection is all you have to fear (maybe the boyfriend/husband who happens to be four times bigger than you lol) women are people not some man eating monster admittedly i do sometimes find approaching VERY attractive women abit daunting as they KNOW they can have their pick but that hasn't stopped me yet 80) starting a chat with a woman is the same as with men, and as men we can do that already the only difference i have found is that women want to be a bigger part of the conversation, they will talk to you for hours if you are or least appear genuinely interested in what they are saying - Ladies correct me if i'm wrong i always let her do most of the talking, basically working the chat so she is talking more than me... this way i learn lots about her personality and as a result can direct our chat in a direction where i can ask questions and offer opinions which brings us closer as the chat progress as we can ACTUALLY talk and have fun, and not just talk about crap like work of other stuff that bores her - if you let the conversation go this way she gets bored of YOU as a result basically i am trying to say - the approach is the hardest part once you bottle your fear and take that leap let her lead for awhile and use the first few pieces of info you get to build the conversation you BOTH want listening WORKS be confident not arrogant friendly but not "over" friendly flirty but not sleazy hope this helped