How to tell your boss she has B.O?

@faraza (159)
November 29, 2008 3:57am CST
I have a new boss reported duty last week. She is single and very nice. Except that she has Body Odor! Before she came to the workplace, someone already told me er problem. She rarely take bath and never shaved her armpit. I did not believe it until I see and smell it myself! Her hair was like tangled wire and when she lifts her arms, Oh My God! I can smell it like in a few foot away! I can tell that other people can smell it too because there are covering their noses but nobody has the courage to tell that to her. I've had this problem before with my staff. But I can talk to her about her problem because she is younger than me. But my boss is about 50 years old and very superior of me. So ho do I tell her about her BO? Should I tell her at all?
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@syfarisk (378)
• Malaysia
29 Nov 08
You know what, this is very funny, hehe. I don't think you should, you know, that's the safer option, you don't want to be fired, that's the last thing you want to happen to you. Yes, she has body odour, but to what extent is this a problem to you? I mean, does it badly distract you from doing your work, or does it make your life miserable? If it's not that bad and tolerable for you, then I suggest you don't say anything. But if it's something that really distracts you, then you can always tell her outside office hours, and say it nicely. Show to her that you are saying it because you believe it the right thing to do, but yes, I can understand, it's very awkward. Hehe.
@faraza (159)
• Malaysia
30 Nov 08
I don't think that nobody has ever told that to her. just imagine, people had been suffering from her BO since like 10 years ago when she first came(I work in a government office so people is very likely to come back to work at the same place). I think I will wait for few month till she's comfortable with me then maybe I'll tell her. Maybe I'll give her a hint. In the mean time, we all have to minimize our contact with her, which will be very hard to do!