who's the best singer in the world?(their music, their voice, styles of singing)

November 29, 2008 6:01am CST
who's the best singer?there are so many in their own languages. those who sing for peace or try to legalize(you know what) or those who do their best to get their money. is it based on popularity or what they say in their song.
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• United States
6 May 10
I think the best country singer in the world is Taylor Swift and Faith Hill
@wanris (141)
• Indonesia
5 Dec 08
The best singer is Celine Dion. She has nice voice. She sings her song full of heart. She performances well. I always watch her concerts
• India
1 Dec 08
For me: Jap musix-I think the most popular will be Ayumi(at least only counting pop) but i dont think she has greatest voice or most talented pop singer, however, i think Mika and Utada are a bit better in singing and talented at music Korea musix- I used to listen to them a lot but my interest in korean pop has declined a bit. Popularity and rhythmtic-skills-wise, boA or Rain. I lyk DBSK and think they hv nice music too but defintietly not the greatest for me. HK, taiwan and mainland musix- I think hk and taiwan music r quite good, well at least in thier ballads but personally there isnt any singer here who would make me say "waoow, he/shes sooo good at singing, shes the BEST!' and popularity-wise, there r not much hk/taiwanese singers who can succeed to hv hits overseas hence gaining a lot of fans from other countries. Currently, i lyk miriam and eason and prob joey from hk singers the most. oh yea, Faye Wong is GREEAAATT! Overall, i think Madonna, Mariah, Ayumi, Utada are extremely good, one of them should be the greatest!
@roniroxas (10574)
• Philippines
30 Nov 08
welcome to mylot hope you like it here like most of us do. when you ask who is the best specially in singing or in musicians people will have different responces. for we have all different types and choices. maybe someone will response a singer who you are not impress with. i am a singer and i love a lot of singers like tina turner, cyndi lauper, anita baker, whitney houston and a lot more. i can not just pick one to be the favorite
@julise (494)
• Indonesia
29 Nov 08
For me the best singer is someone who sings from their heart. Who sings what they like to sing, regardless what people thinks about them. Just sing.