do you like gathering of people....................?

worshipping goddess - it is one of the photograph taken during the worshipping of goddess called as thanithan situated at the top of the hill in tanahun district of Nepal.
November 29, 2008 6:24am CST
i love talking to people and being friendly with them but ihate the crowd of people around me. I donot like to go to crowded area. I even do not like to attend the parties or any kind of ceremony as a huge number of people is gathered there. i get a bad head ache when i stay there for long. i can't tolerate the mass of people. I do believe in god and have faith on him but even whenever i go to worshipping ceremony held i feel suffocated and wanted to rsh back to home as soon as possible, how can i get rid of this problem? or do you have such kind of problem????
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