What's your funniest incident or moment?

November 29, 2008 9:53am CST
Just a few minutes ago my aunt sent me to throw the garbage. It's night and very dark. So i went with the two bags to the junk containers. the place was very dark and near there were two men and a truck. I threw the first bag and i noticed that the container was full so I moved to the next one. I was about to throw the second garbage bag in the container when the truck turned on it's headlights and I spoked myself because I was about to hit a tramp who was searching through the container.That guy was very lucky...though he hasn't even noticed me. i told this to my folks and they are still laughing. That would have been gold if it was on tape. I'm sure many of you had these hilarious moments. So can you share it with us? Today we really need a good laugh.
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@Mgoodson (83)
• United States
6 Dec 08
about 19 years ago, I moved with my parents to Florahome, Florida after dad had bought the property and put a trailer in. I was used to living in the city and this place was in the boonies. Needless to say, I was very unhappy. A few months after we moved there, mom asked me to toss the scraps into the woods for the animals to eat. So, I took the scraps out back (mind you, it was after dark when she asked me.) As I prepared to toss the scraps out of the pot, I heard something snort and start running through the woods in my direction. I let out a scream, tossed the pot and everything in it into the woods, and turned to run towards the trailer. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that the tongue of the trailer was still attached and slammed into it full force about thigh level. I was bruised from just below my belly down to just below my right thigh. Mom swore that she even felt the trailer move from the impact. I can look back and laugh about it now, but at that particular moment, I was in too much pain.
• Romania
8 Dec 08
Ouch! Now that's painful! But funny too. that reminds me of another incident I had. It was night and outside there was a storm coming. It was so cloudy that the windows looked like blackboards. I was in my room and I wanted to go to the smaller room which was place after mine. At that moment the power was cut off because of a lighting. It was so dark I just couldn't even see my hand in front of me. I still wanted to reach that room (I think I had to pick something from there and that couldn't wait, can't remember the real reason).Anyway I walk slowly with my arms strechted so i can be sure if I'm not going to bang in something. It took like 5 mintes and I thought that the entrance to the other room was right in front of me. So without even a second thought I rushed just to discovered that I ran into the wall (the entrance was on the left). After hitting myself and being knocked down, the power came back. I was still dizzy and was trying to figure out what happened. I stood up (yes I banged into the wall so hard that I fell) and "gained" my consciouness back I laughed. Too bad there wasn't somebody to tape it using the night vision. Even today if i think of it my head starts to hurt.
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• United States
9 Dec 08
I'm not sure which of our stories is more painful or funny. LOL. Anyways, thanks for putting a smile on my face today. I definitely needed it.