November 29, 2008 10:20am CST
Do you like christmas and why?Also which christmas carol is your favourite enjoy the holidays coming.
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• Antigua And Barbuda
5 Dec 08
yes i do love christmas because is most joyest holiday of the year.The christmas carol that I love is joy too the world.
@arcidy (5013)
• United States
1 Dec 08
I love christmas its the best time of year when everyone is happy. At least thats what it seems to me. I love seeing christmas lights on peoples houses it brings great joy to me and I love hearing the christmas songs on the commercials. I dont know whats my favorite christmas carol though.
• United States
1 Dec 08
I love Christmas and always have. It doesn't matter whether I get a gift or not, just the spirit of Christmas, the love, and the birth of Jesus are enough for me. As for my favorite carol; I'd have to say it is "Away in a Manger". I also really like "Little Town of Bethlehem". Merry Christmas.