am i depressed?

United States
November 29, 2008 11:40am CST
hi i am normaley a very up beat person and when my husband is not around i do fine.when he is here all we here is naging this has gone on for about 7 years .we are so diffrent i am very clean and he is un clean.our yard is always covered with old tires, farm parts,dead animal hides from hunting .the trash will not get takeing out unless i do it he will not pick up after himself . i am just tired and very depressed with him around i can hardley stand it.i have three small boys all the same age and i am trying to let them get a little older.what should i do? i have already talked until i am blue in the face.i dont know how much more i can take.
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• Philippines
14 Dec 08
wooooooooooooooooooow you are a living martyr!!!!!!!! i just can't imagine how could you ever enjoy life, i do not know your moral conviction about marriage yes it is a sacred vow blessed by God but it is not God plan that you should suffer in your marriage life. we all have our crosses to bear i just hope and pray that God will work in some mysterious ways for you your husband and kids
• India
29 Nov 08
when we are depressed deviate our thinkings to very interesting areas. it will help us to keep happy. the other way is that when we are in a depressed mood we can talk with our best friends or our close family members. when we disclosed the things which is closed to our heart to others we will get relaxation from depressed mood.