Why do we hate to try things that we have never tried?

United States
November 29, 2008 3:26pm CST
Like what what the discussion title says, why do we resist from trying things that are new to us and what are some examples that you are currently afraid to try or examples of things you have once feared, but now got over it. I was once afraid of roller coasters, but now I'm not. I think it was because of my fear of height and the idea of the intensity and speed which made me think i was going to fall off.
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@cheongyc (5072)
• Malaysia
7 Dec 08
It's a very natural for most of us to be afraid of trying new things. Because most people tend to stay within their comfort zone. However, there are still some bold people who are fond to try new things and get excited by doing so. They are courageous and having very positive thinking. So, this kind of people do not afraid to try new things at all. I have this kind of courage in some area. But I really couldn't get over the altitude phobia, and until now I don't really enjoy the fun of roller coaster.
@rocketj1 (6960)
• United States
30 Nov 08
Some of us have very large "comfort zones"! We don't like to step outside of the things that keep us feeling comfortable and at ease. I used to be deathly afraid of being in front of a large number of people. Now I sing regularly with a group at church and occasionally even do solos.