1st December 2008 - World Aids Day 2008

1st December 2008 - World Aids Day 2008  - Red Ribbon! Wear Them!
@meow1978 (191)
November 30, 2008 12:08pm CST
1st December 1988. Look back when did this virus exist in this world. Once it was the deadly virus that ruin a lots of family and killing a lots of innocence child. Till to date, there is still no cure for this sickness. If we have friend or family, please do not treat them as an extraordinary person. Just treat them as a normal person. Respect them. Let this day to be remembered and a campaign awareness to make sure we still remember to avoid this deadly virus. Let us wear a red ribbon on this day. There is 33,000,000 in world population living with HIV and 80,000 itself in UK alone. The number keep on increasing if we do not take any serious precaution. more info: www.worldaidsday.org WORLD AIDS DAY! #you can make a different!
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