What one super power do you want ?

@moonight (249)
United States
November 30, 2008 3:58pm CST
like my question, for me i think i will go for controlling gravity it is quite useless but i think is quite fun to have the power, another one getting other heros superpower haha yea i know i want a lot, but i will stick to gravity one. you?
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@Volkus (202)
• Romania
30 Nov 08
Oh gosh...If I was to choose I'll pick up the invisibility. It's such a fun :) To sneak out and to watch over everybody :)) I could make a lots of jokes, i must admit. Now i wonder if i'd steel or not :D Surely i'll kick my neighbor's a... He surely deserves it. Also, I could kiss the girl who lives near me...Now I'm dreaming.... Have a nice day!
@gicolet (1703)
• United States
30 Nov 08
I would like to have the super power to read other people's mind when I choose to and then play with their heads. lol
• Malaysia
30 Nov 08
If i was given super power,i would like to have an ability to fly like superman... I will traveling faster from one place to another to help people..its easy for me to escape from enemy with the super power that i have..haha
• United States
30 Nov 08
I would love to be able to go invisible, but that would be impossible because your vision would technically go out. You see, when you look at something, light has to reflect off your eye so you can see. When you go invisible, your eye becomes invisible, so that means light cannot bounce off your eye, making you temporarily blind. ...however, if I was able to become invisible unconditionally, then yes, I would so take it :)
@Optimize (201)
• Canada
30 Nov 08
Id like to be invisible whenever i want :) If i get into a bad situation, turn on my invisiblity and sneak out without a sound :P Lol yeah it would be fun to control gravity. Next time someone insults you just turn gravity off and make all your troubles float away lol ! happy mylotting :)