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@kellys3ps (3725)
United States
November 30, 2008 6:04pm CST
Last year at Christmas time my husband was on the hunt for Guitar Hero 2 for the Wii (he and the boys are huge fans). He finally found it at Best Buy (about a 35 minute drive from our house at 8:00 at night - he headed out and tracked it down for the kids (his story - mine is he tracked it down for himself - LOL). So fast forward to this year and Guitar Hero 3 World Tour with the drums and microphone is out, but nearly impossible to find. My husband thought he ordered it on-line site to store at Wal-Mart with a delivery date of Dec. 9th. Today he got an email saying that he had left something in his cart - if we go back to it there is nothing there, and the money was not charged to our card. So, I look at EVERY website and they are all sold out. I finally decide to see if any of the stores have it in stock and low and behold there is one in Fallon (28 miles away). I call to make sure, and the girl tells me they have it but they are going to have to dig for it when I get there because it is hidden in back. I drive to Fallon and they can't find it. I tell them that I spoke with someone who said it was in the back - she is at lunch and won't be back for a half an hour. I decide to wander the store for a bit and go back and YEAH! they found it! So, it is now sitting on my bed and my hubby sooooo owes me!
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@breezie (1247)
• Canada
1 Dec 08
Congrats on finding it. I havn't seen it anywhere with the drums and microphone, just the disc or disc plus guitars around here. Your story reminds me of last year and the quest we had looking for Dance, Dance Revolution (Wii) for my daughter. I had all but given up and the last time we were out shopping for christmas I went into a video game store trying to find a different game since DDR was nowhere to be found. As soon as I walked in the store they had a mountain of them that they had just put out. Aparently they were misplaced in the back and they just found them. My daughter loved the game (she's actually playing it right now). I'm hoping DDR 2 will be easier to find this year.