What is the best cell phone for typing?

@TheAgent (220)
United States
November 30, 2008 8:59pm CST
I am getting ready to upgrade my current cell phone. I would like to get one that is easy for typing messeges and texts. The one I have now I have to keep pushing the number to get the letter. I seen some that have a keyboard that slides out, I just don't know what kind to get. I want to be able to use it for verizon service. Please give me some suggestions. Thank you.
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• India
8 Dec 08
hello buddy, i think that the best mobile handset that would be fine for you is the motorola Q9h. it has got a qwerty keypad. that makes it very good and easy to type text. additionally the predictive text used here is different in the sense that you do not have to save a word. once you have used a word the predictive text will show the particular word even if the dictionary is off. also you do not have to type the whole word. you can just select the word by scrolling to it. i think that the motorola L7i was very soft on the fingers but i do not know if it is still in the market.if you want to take something from nokia, better go for the E90 or the E71. they have got qwerty keypads. i recently am using the nokia N82. i am fed up with the text typing on this set because the keys are very small and packed in a smaller area. but the plus point is that i do not text too much, so as fro my requirements it serves well to use the nokia N82- mostly i surf the net on my cellphone which is quite and fast in this set. sorry to have got off topic a bit. i think that the motorola handsets have the softer keys than any other brands. have a good day.
• Philippines
6 Dec 08
If your talking about typing will you dont need a cell phone, maybe you need key board or type writer. lol joke joke joke but it is true
@melvztab (124)
• Philippines
1 Dec 08
Nokia cellphones. except for nokia 3650, because it is hard to type there.