C--section is how i had my second child

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December 1, 2008 1:16am CST
November 11th i had my second child! my water broke walking thru shopko with my boyfriend. knowing that a second birth can happen quicker then the first i still took my time going home to change, calling my sister from 3 hrs away so she could make it in time, and then going to the hospital. i wasnt having any contractions nor had i had any braxton hicks during my pregnancy. i apparently knew my body wasnt responding correctly because when i had my son 7 years prior they discussed having a c-section but i was adimit that i was not having one i was having him natural weather the dr liked it or not. With my daughter though even on the pit didnt feel like it did when i had my son. the contractions didnt seem to make me feel like i was going into the unknown world of labor and contractions. my mind didnt or wouldnt slip inti the numbness of focusing on contractions and breathing. So when they said something wasnt right and when i would contract my daughters heart rate would drop i didnt even fight it. not knowing what i was in for i just took everything calm and cool and went with the flow. i didnt get scared till it was all over, i did have anxiety of not knowing but i didnt let it bother me till everything was done. The anesthesiologist came in and said they were gonna give me a spinal block because the dr wants me awake during the surgery-its healthier for the baby the dr says. My boyfriend got gowned up and they took me to a surgical room and had me roll my body into a ball so the anesthesiologist could shoot some drugs in my spine. I had had this with my first delivery which i didnt think was bad at all actually because of the spinal block i dialated on the first delivery. So i ball up and i can barely feel the first prick....then he says hes got to give me extra cause he wants to make sure that i cant feel the c-section. No problem do what you have to do---the first dose didnt phase me but the second dose really burnt like fire. then they had the nerve to say turn over and lay down as im trying to get my pregnant body situated so i dont fall off the very thin table my body goes numb so they have to help me lay down the rest of the way. after that my body was out of commission. My head moved i could hear, breathe (barely-cause anxiety was kicking in but i maintained it to my best ability)then they allow the boyfriend in. i watch his face to understand what is happening to me--the baby is born, the nurse sweeps her up and wraps her, brings her to the boyfriend and then sweeps her down to see me --she looks just like me..lol lol how scarey looking at myself as though i was admiring my own newborn picture. then i laid there in the silence as the boyfriend and baby are taken to nursery. i can hear the drs talking everyone seems fine just another c-section for the day no worries right?? finally after what seemed like forever they take the drape down from in front of me and people start to disappear while the woman roll me over--i can see the floor the first thing out of my mouth is PLEASE DONT DROP ME!! knowing i cant move my body i could never stop myself from falling or hitting the floor i could only watch as my face would cream the floor....thankfully they didnt drop me and got me onto a bed then rolled me into the recovery room. i sat there patiently for a bit--i dont know how long because time seemed to be flying. my anxiety is kicking in again how long will i be numb? how long will i feel like this? will my body come back to normal? then my mom and sister and aunt and cousin come in so they give me some relief and keep my mind from wondering. then the nurse brings in my boyfriend and my newborn daughter i was so proud. the boyfriend comes over and kisses me and brings my daughter for me to hold but im unsure about holding her as my arms dont seem to function just yet. after about a half hour my arms are good so i hold her a bit and we take some pictures. after two hours they move me out of recovery and into the room which i will inhabit for the next three days. the anestetic wore off shortly after i got into the room. i started walking around even though my knees were very shaky. from there things got better...so i thought. ill write another stoory about what happens to me a week after i have my daughter under- C-sections and problems.
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1 Dec 08
oh my! but i am glad you're okay now. i hope you recover soon...and get back on track. i am having my baby in march and when i hear these horror stories, all i can do is pray for the Lord's favor. we really don't have much and aside from the Csection on the tummy, the wallet will be on cesarian too. so i don't want to undergo cesarian and so i am praying so hard that God will spare me this ordeal. thanks for sharing. God bless you, your new child, and your entire family! have a merry christmas! take cARE!