Are you a believer of FATE??

December 1, 2008 2:37am CST
If anything wrong happens in our life, someone will tell that its all FATE. There is a belief that before a person's birth everything about his life has already been fixed and written by GOD, if this is so why GOD has a partiality between peoples, some will live a good life without doing any sin or trouble to others and someone will have to live a bad life by even killing other people. By there do's some can go to heaven and some has to go hell, Isn't it a partiality??? But im a strong believer of God,Don't blame on GOD, everything good and bad happens by his or her do's....
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@wjcp2008 (106)
• China
1 Dec 08
Every thing is arranged by GOD,either good things or bad events.He did all things with his reasons.We must accept it and try to understand what GOD meant to tell us.All things in the future will be better.That's what I believed.
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