Can Indian cricket Team will continue the same form ?

December 1, 2008 10:08am CST
Everybody knows Indian team is rocking now......!!!! The beat World champions first then England ...!!! Now the question comes in everybodys mind...!!! Are Indians capable of maintaining the same form ? will they beat Austrelians ,Africans,Enland & all other in their own lases like Austrelia,South Africa Or England...? All players of Indian team are in very good form now...! OK..! no problem ...! Will they continue the same form in upcoming matches or cancelled matches will effect on their form?
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• New Zealand
4 Dec 08
Indian cricket team performance for the past 6 months is quite satisfying and I think the youngsters are performing really well. For the past 1 year, Dhoni has led the Indian team to a lot of victory and I believe he have a positive frame of mind and I think he is one of the main reason for Indian cricket team's recent success. I believe India will continue with the same form, if the players are performing with the same consistency level as they are doing now. . The recent entry of so many youngsters in the team has not only put the batting and bowling performance, but also in fielding. I think Indian cricket team will continue their excellent form as long as they believe in themselves as they were doing for the past six months.
@durga11 (23)
• India
1 Dec 08
yes definetly INDIAN cricket team give their best every time .as they played with austrelia & england & other past matches we confidently say that INDIAN cricket will rock on the ground ............