When you die

@reasco1 (299)
United States
December 1, 2008 10:23am CST
Let us put to rest the confusion about that when you die you go to Heaven or Hell. Because if you are a true believer you know that you rest in peace good or evil. Know one goes to Heaven or Hell until the second comming of our Lord Jesus Christ. To believe other wise is confusion from the enemy if you are a Christian. as far as the other religions God is aware of you as well. Many Preachers and Pastors say in thier serves when someone in the congrigation dies that they are in heavon looking down on us, but we must stop saying or even teaching this false asumption, because it is wrong to believe other wise of our death other than resting in peace it says in the bible that the dead do nothing sin, pray or praise because we are sleeping. And there is no time space or anything. And when or Lord comes in all His glory to rise us all it will be that time had no meaning to thoughs who where sleeping. But you can still say that the dead are in a better place because there is know real haunting suffering and know pain just resting in peace. So when you see someone who you know is dead and gone they are the servants of Satan trying to fool you into believing they are someone you know and love, there is know ghost, spirits of people anywhere but in the grave.
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